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Anonymous sent: Hey :) will it be possible to collect my orders including the calendar and from batch 4 before cny ? :) sorry for the incomplete question earlier !

Hello so sorry but they will arrive after CNY :(

Anonymous sent: Hey :D just wanna ask when will the calenders arrive ? :) would it be possible to collect it by chinese new year or first/second week of feb ? :)

Second week of feb most probably :)

Anonymous sent: can you post it at malaysia?

Hello yes

Anonymous sent: Hello! Roughly when will batch 5 arrive? Thank you! ^^

After CNY so sorry

Anonymous sent: Hi :) will the calenders arrive by this week ? :)

Hello nope so sorry because it CNY shipments would be delayed ;(

Anonymous sent: Hello , what are the details for batch 4 ? :) haven't heard anything about it yet :(

hello~ batch 4 is here already. will contact you guys for meetup as soon as I’m free to do meetups 

Anonymous sent: hi , when will the meet up for batch 4 be ? :O

Hi I will arrange with you as soon as possible.

Anonymous sent: hi , has batch 4 arrive ? :O

Hello yes :) it has arrived :)

Anonymous sent: Hello , when will the orders for calenders arrive ? :) thanks !

Hello sorry it hasn’t :(

Anonymous sent: may i know which vixx and bap autographed albums you have available? thanks :)

For vixx we have: 

Voodoo, Jekyll Repack, Hyde, Rock your body, Super Hero, On and On

for BAP we have:

2013 Live On Earth Pacific concert DVD, Yes Sir, No Mercy, Power, Warrior, Bad Man, Crash, One shot